Why is Hangover Part 3 losing to its predeccesor?

hangover part 3 Happy memorial day to all readers! On a side note, a new facebook page has been created for the site and I will be working on it regularly.
Our box office report will be coming up soon, but before that, as early numbers are coming in, one thing has become obvious… Hangover Part III, one of the most watched R- rated comedy franchise of all time, is losing to its predecessor by a large margin, even during the same period. OK, we admit, this year’s memorial day weekend is much bigger than in previous years, and this weekend is already gearing up to be one of the biggest weekends of all time. With Fast and Furious 6 and Epic both over-performing, it is almost assured that one film would lose out, and it sadly is Hangover. This isn’t the only reason though. Here is my breakdown of facts of why Hangover Part III was already heading towards this path… (though I didn’t expect it to do that badly)
– This second film left a bad impression on critics, and this film just tarnished the franchise’s reputation. The first film did nicely, with a 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The second film was a totally different story. It only received a meagre 35% rating, with was already very bad, and people were not willing to use up their money on yet another hangover film, which received even lower ratings (Hangover Part 3 only has a 21% rating now) and could produce little laughs.
– After the previous film, people have started taking a more conservative approach, not wanting to rush out during opening weekend. There is another film releasing over the weekend, Fast and Furious 6, which is far more anticipated and is eyeing similar demographics. Fast and Furious 6 really has a larger fanbase, and will be the number 1 film to catch in theatres. There can only be this many films in theatres, and as films like Man of Steel, This is the End and The Heat rush into theatres over the next one month, this film will be totally forgotten by then. Add in Epic, which is also attracting a larger crowd, and this film really looks like it could be in trouble. Admittedly, the numbers are already considered good (more on that in the box office report tomorrow), but for such a popular franchise, is a totally different story.
So, there are really a variety of factors which are piling up against The Hangover Part 3’s success. Apart from the fact that its MPAA Rating is rated R, which will turn away younger viewers (though this has already been the fact since the first film), the film should have focused on less animal cruelty (there has been a lot in the footage of the latest films). My current prediction for the end gross of the film domestically is $190 million.
Here is the movie trailer, if you want to check it out:

There will be more updates soon, including more trailers, the Gangster Squad review, and the box office report. See ya soon, and once again, happy memorial day.

This film poster is owned by Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Green Hat films
Movie poster’s source is http://www.impawards.com/2013/hangover_part_iii_ver7.html
Movie trailer obtained from WarnerBros.Pictures (youtube)

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