Social Star Awards

This page will be dedicated to the event, which will be held from 9pm to 12am SGT, at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This event, dubbed as the Oscars of Social Media, will be a 3 hour long event hosted by Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven, and will announce the most popular stars across most social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter. As the night goes on, this post will be updated regularly. To watch it live, go to

UPDATE 9.14pm: It will now start at 9.20pm, after certain delays.

UPDATE 9.36pm: The winner for most popular solo artist is…. Justin Bieber!
Update 9.37pm: Aerosmith is performing now.
UPDATE 9.57pm: The most popular sportsperson is… Cristiano Ronaldo!
UPDATE: 10.08pm: The winner for most popular music group is… One Direction!
UPDATE: 10.10pm: Carly Rae Jepsen is now coming up to perform…
UPDATE: 10.22pm: The winner for most popular game is … Candy Crush Saga
UPDATE 10.27pm: Watch the Wrecking Crew Orchestra perform now.
UPDATE 10.36pm: The most popular film award is… Twilight Saga
UPDATE 10.37pm: Blush is performing now, live on stage!
UPDATE 10.45pm: The most popular sports team is… FC Barcelona!
UPDATE 10.54pm: The most popular brand is… Samsung!
UPDATE 10.56pm: The most popular TV show is… Ellen de Generes!
UPDATE 10.58pm: Sky Blu is performing right now!
UPDATE 11.17pm: George Takei is here!
UPDATE 11.21pm: The most popular social media show award is pewdiepie!
UPDATE 11.26pm: CeeLo Green is now performing!
UPDATE 11.32pm: The most popular actor award goes to… Selena Gomez.
UPDATE 11.36pm: The social star almighty, the biggest award of the night, goes to Justin Bieber!
UPDATE 11.38pm: Its PSY!!!
UPDATE 12.02am: The event has officially ended. Even though I was disappointed about it (with all the buzz it was creating), I hope that it would be much better next year, with a better script. This whole page will be updated later today into an article. Bye!


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