Will 2015 be the biggest year for movies- so far?

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Hollywood had an impressive year in 2012. For the 1st time ever, 4 films hit the coveted billion dollars mark (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey), and helped push domestic (US) past the previous record of $10.59 billion dollars posted in 2009, by earning $10.8 billion dollars. We have a reason to believe that 2015 will be even bigger. Who has not heard about at least 1 film which is going to release in 2015? Probably nobody. Now, if you have not heard about it, then now it is time to hear about it. This is the list of films which are most likely going to prove this is going to be a record year:
1) Avengers 2

Will Avengers 2 be bigger? or break even with The Avengers?
Will Avengers 2 be bigger? or break even with The Avengers?

Wow, this film really blowed critics and audiences away like no other superhero movie before, and pushed it a step further to make it the highest grossing superhero movie ever. Marvel really had a lot of tricks up their sleeve, and Avengers 2 proves to be pretty much the same, with almost the same cast and director, and a good enough build up which will be more well-liked. The good will from the previous movie will drag audiences over to watch this one. Word of mouth will slip in. Imagine a success bigger than the previous one. Yummy, I smell something big coming… and that’s not all…
2) Pirates of the Caribbean 5
Disney probably has enough by now, but they have a lot more coming after that. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is the most successful pirates movie yet, and the cast proved people wrong (this sort of movie does not usually appeal to the public in the past). However, this film suffers from having lesser interest from domestic audiences. The franchise had reached its peak at part 2, and the latest film was the lowest grossing of the franchise domestically, capped at $241 million dollars. However, international audiences seem to be loving it more and more, and with expanding markets in China, Russia etc., we are expecting this film to be way bigger internationally than the previous films. That basically means that this movie will be way bigger than Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tides. At the worst, it will at least earn more than the first film, which is already considered a success story.
3) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is set to be biggest in franchise.
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is set to be biggest in franchise.

The first film was amazing, and is beloved by both the audience and critics. That really brought the first film to amazing height, and considering that the first film had actually earned much more than the first Twilight film, we expect this film to be much more amazing. Also, there are no big teen romance novel franchises being released that year, as of now, and thus this film will pull in a larger group of audience. This film is also the end of the big trilogy, and as most franchises show, the last is always the biggest, with a few exceptions.
4) Finding Dory
Three-peat success for Disney is on their way. This is their third film on this list so far, with at least 1 more to come. Finding Nemo was a commercial success, universally acclaimed and well-liked. This was one of the biggest animated movies back then, grabbing an Oscar for best animated feature, and grossing 921 million dollars worldwide. This sequel is really proving to be one of the most anticipated movie of that year, and there is no reason why it will not be, with the increase in ticket prices and 3D premium prices.
5) Star Wars Episode VII
This franchise is one of the most well-liked franchises of all time, and is being helmed by fan favourite J.J. Abrams, who directed the recent Star Trek Into Darkness. The franchise has generally received mixed to impressive reactions. The franchise will, at the very least, still earn quite a large sum of money, and with buzz quickly escalating, and with stand alone films and many more star wars films to follow, we have a reason to believe that this film will be huge enough to be considered a mega success.
1) Ant-man
There is a reason why I put it here, and not above. Even though Ant-Man might be one of Marvel’s more well known properties, there is hardly any footage shown yet, other than those shown at events like comic-con. Marvel has so far delivered only hits, after they took over and started releasing films alongside Disney (previously Paramount). We have reasons to believe that this film will outperform Thor, but outperforming even Iron Man will be a long stretch. At this point in time, we cannot really see how successful this will be, until we find out who is cast in this role (Edgar Wright, a fan favourite, is directing, though).
2) The Fantastic Four
Not really all that well received, the previous film franchise failed to make it a trilogy, ending with Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. This film is a reboot, and might bring back certain audiences from the above mentioned franchise, but due to unfamiliarity (when was the last time you saw a film of Fantastic Four?) and other products in the marketplace, this film might fail to find its footing and lose out to the other films. To succeed, this film must prove to not only have good word of mouth, but must overcome the reaction of the previous franchise.
3) The Penguins of Madagascar
One of dreamworks’ most famous film franchise is returning, though they abandoned Alex and the rest of the team, deciding to just bring along the beloved penguins. What is undeniable, is, the film franchise has generally been doing well, earning around $742 million dollars for the latest film. However, removing most the characters sounds like a bad idea, and Puss in Boots is a good example of this (it failed to regain some of its audience from Shrek). Shrek is much more famous and beloved than Madagascar, but with rising earnings for each part, and good word of mouth, this film might stand a chance after all…
4) Assassin’s Creed
This is derived from a famous game, and the people who have played these video games will turn out in throngs to see how a feature film will turn out, and with Michael Fassbender attached, this film might turn out to be bigger than what can be seen now…
5) Inside Out
This film really is not that familiar with everyone, but being from Pixar Animation, and considering that they manage to let all their films become successful, this film will at least earn enough money to turn it into a success. This film’s concept turns out to be good either, so expect this to be a success.
6) Kungfu Panda 3
Domestic interest in this film is fading fast, though the international audience is becoming bigger. The past two films have earned more than $600 million worldwide, and we have no reason to believe why this film wouldn’t either.
7) The Smurfs 3
The first film was a major success, earning $563.7 million worldwide, and the sequel, releasing this year, is definitely going to earn equally as much at least. This film, however, suffers from bad reception of part 1, and might be affected.
8) Hotel Translyvania 2
The first film was a success, earning the biggest opening ever in the month of September, beating Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. However, this film did not really broke out with me, and considering it was just a mild success, this film will most likely just break about even.
We are not going to cover these films, but they might at least grab some cash. Here they are:
1)B.O.O: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations
2)Untitled Illumination Entertainment 3D Project
3) Peanuts

As time passes, there will eventually be much more movies in 2015. There have been a few movies which are slated to be released in 2015, but with production not even looking like it can start soon, the film might not be able to release in time. Examples of this include Avatar 2 and the Justice League movie. Just these films alone is proving that 2015 will be a record year, which will be dominated mainly by Disney. It is common nature for the other studios to try to compete against Disney and put their blockbuster hits and franchises into the race as well, and we will get to know about them soon. As we come closer to 2015, this will be covered more in depth, so look forward to then, where we will see whether 2015 will truly be big.
To end off this post, feel free to complete the poll below, and give your thoughts about which movie will truly be the biggest of 2015, and whether it will be a record year. Feel free to share your thoughts below as well!

NOTE: Hunger Games: Catching Fire poster belongs to Lionsgate and The Avengers poster belongs to Marvel and Disney

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